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Speak Arabic Language Easily With Me!

Hello everyone, so today I want to share my gig with everyone in Fiverr Forum =)
I have my own unique gig, is about “Patrice Arabic language”, and especially in the conversation way!

Well I used to have a gig for teaching Arabic but now I’m trying to see if conversation gigs would be as good as my the old gig.

However I will start for telling you about myself a little bit and especially my language because as all of us we know that it’s a complex thing, I mean languages…
My accent -dialect Arabic- is “Jordanian/ Palestinian” -Middle east/ Asia- and it’s Al Ammyah -Colloquial-, I also speak Al Fusha -Modern Standard Arabic- for sure ^-^

You can talk with me for 10 minute for free! just to see if the gig will fit your needs =D
So I hope to check out my gig.

This is my first post here

Thank you so much!