Speak English, Spanish, French, or Italian? Own a Business?


If you speak any one of these languages and own a business larger than a paper route, you will benefit from translation!


To summarize, for $10 you can get

  • 2,000 words translated from English to Spanish

    OR, my favorite:

  • 1,000 words translated from ANY available language to ALL THREE of the others

    You can easily spend 4x as much buying the same content from individual translators. You see, if fiverr featured this gig, an unassociated stranger wouldn’t have had to.

    Think of this not as a gig post, but as an opportunity for applicable buyers to become familiar with this new knowledge, and maybe start a nice discussion. The internal link is irrelevant. Stop looking at it.


Myself? For $5 I’d…hm.

Call it a first, but I have spent my efforts towards another (gig creator, fellow buyers) with no direct benefit for myself. I did not create this gig, I happened upon it after browsing through many others and found it overwhelmingly fair and efficient than any other.

90% sure I have done no disservice, but if I am wrong, please correct me in triplicate with any of these applicable policies: forum-specific rules, global forum rules, fiverr’s ToS.