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Speaking a copyrighted song as a character

I have a client wanting me to sing or speak the chorus of a copyrighted song. Is that ok?


Slippery slope.
As I understand it comes to to Fair Use, which has a lot of levels to be met, but generally I’d say know.
Assuming your clients doesn’t own the copyright, nor permission from the artist or his/her reps, it’s for commercial use, you’d be using a chorus and not just loose lyrics, etc.
I’ve only run across it once and the biggest hangups were:
Are you getting paid, do you have permission and could the artist be made to loose money?
It shouldn’t be that big of a deal on a small scale, but I tend to stay away as it doesn’t easily fall under fair use.

Google and check out the fair use doctrine for music and/or lyrics. I’m only speaking from a past experience.

Good luck!


Thank you for the information! Much appreciated!

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If it is for his family home slide night, that is going to be fine.
If it is for his Church’s fundraising exorbidanza for homeless ferrets with mange, skirting trouble.
If it is for his song or business, asking to get sued if anything ever happens with it.

Always safest to avoid working with other people’s I.P.

The same applies with all those jobs for a grand $4 you are exhorted to clone a Trailer Swift track only make it not breach copyright as there is no 10% rule, and Katy Perry (or her people) didn’t get done for using Flame’s notes or chords, but for wholesale photocopying the notable features of Flame’s track into hers.