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Speaking Clock (not)


People always said to me what a lovely speaking voice I’ve got - so much so that I wondered if I could anything with it. I I wondered who to contact to see if they needed an updated speaking clock!! (I think I really did!), or perhaps a station announcer on the London Underground. Ok, I knew that was not going to happen but I seemed to figure that I had missed the boat somehow and that I would never be heard outside of my social circles. Until Fiverr. What a wonderful vehicle for so many talents - it feels like a lovely warm global community - I really feel that Fiverr is making the world a smaller, friendlier and more helpful community. Believe it or not, I started out using just the internal mic on my Mac - I can’t believe it now - but I still got great reviews. Now, I have set up a studio with all mod professional equipment and I think to myself how lucky I am! Last year all my doors seemed to be closed - now they are wide open to the world. :slight_smile:


Okay maybe it is too early but I have no clue what a speaking clock is, please explain a little more in depth


That’s awesome! It’s given many people just like you an opportunity to use their talents and help others while making money. Like you said, it’s hard to make money using a talent like voice- until Fiverr. And on the flip said, where could an average person find a quality voice over artist at a good price? Nowhere- until Fiverr. Well done!


Hi tn5rr2012 , Well, sadly, the speaking clock that I aspired too is the where (in the UK, at least), people used to phone a number to find out the accurate time. Hard to believe now, I know, but people used to dial, I think it was 123 and hear, in the poshest of English accents (like mine, gulp!) - “At the 3rd stroke, it will be 12, 46 and 32 seconds, precisely”. And this speaking clock woman would announce the time like this every five seconds - I think I imagined her as a real person reading out the time all day and every day. I think it’s fair to say that Fiverr has opened up more pleasurable opportunities than that.

(and thx Yankee77 !)


Okay I understand, here in the states (and yes I am old enough to remember) we would call “time” to find out what time it was or if I remember correctly we would even call the operator. Kids who were home alone during the day used to call the operator to have someone to talk to… not me I would prank call people and ask them if their refrigerator was running, if it was I told them to go on and catch it before it ran away… forgive me I digress from the original conversation. Thanks for clarifying this.