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🗣 What lessons did you learn while using the Forum? 👥

The Forum was bad looking in its beginnings. I used to be active, but it wasn’t what I hoped for. There were a lot of forum-games to kill time, the interface was awfully static for my taste, so I focused on my work instead. After a few years I came back. Great interface. Dynamic, interactive and real-time functionality. A system of user levels. All my old forum history was gone, but I didn’t care. It was time for a fresh new start!

Here I am, after a few months of becoming active again, even more than before, and I’m grateful to my Fiverr success manager who told me to give the Forum another shot! And while others come here only to promote their gigs, I haven’t even considered doing that. You’d say “he don’t need it”, even though I’ve been through several situations where I actually needed some exposure.

But I decided not to use the forum as a place to show off my gigs and lose time to no avail (though I’d probably make a good spammer if I’d put my mind to it :eyes:), and instead I decided to use the forum based on what a forum should be all about: a place for the people of a community to meet, talk, exchange knowledge & tips, help each other, stay up to date, evolve and, of course, the occasionally rant & moan :wink:

While I was lying there in my bed waiting for someone’s reply, I started thinking about all the things I have learned so far by using & being on the forum, and why I’m contributing so much to the forum:

  • the Forum taught me how to help myself become a better seller and a better person by helping others, which I think is the crux of the Fiverr Forum;

  • it taught me how to be a better communicator;

  • it showed me that I was not alone when dealing with the problems I was experiencing regarding my own buyers, allowing me to learn how to properly deal with them by seeing what others have done in the same situations;

  • it exposed me to the UPYOUR series of @eoinfinnegan, which have taught me one of the most valuable lessons to which I wasn’t paying much attention in the past, and that is the [perceived] value of my gigs/services;

  • it gave me the chance of meeting lots of wonderful people, and I’ve become digital friends with many (as a Freelancer, I usually find myself lacking social activity, so this was a real life saver for my mental sanity);

  • it showed me that the Fiverr Community is actually a real thing, not some bogus words, and to actually feel that you’re part of this community you have to take part in it. Not just by selling gigs or showing them off to strangers, getting the money and walking away, but by actually helping, contributing, reading, learning, and of course having some fun in between as we’re still human;

  • it gave me a working solution to my daily stress issues by making me relax while participating in a great or fun worry-free conversation.

Now moving on to You, who have been on the Forum for a long(er) time, what has the Forum taught You?


After I started reading tips and getting help from people here on the forum, including you, Eoin, Writer, OfflineHelpers and some other people my services improved drastically. :slight_smile:

Go to the pub dear bro. You need some real life people :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, get a life. LOL. Enough of this forum/borum stuff. Meet some real people.



It’s scary Goofy, you and I are similar in so many respects, except for the fact that you’ve made about $20-30k more than I have on Fiverr, but that’s okay…


Look at the bright side: I’ve made that much in 7 years. You’ve made it in 3 :wink:


You are definitely much nicer than I am…And you are “Regular” and I am not…Let that be the thought for the day. Writer Out. mic drops


I am grateful to the many lessons I learned on 5r, which are more than any other social or forum that I am a member.

The biggest lesson I have learned here is that online or in real life, I can not be me. I have to put on a mask and pretend to be happy. Sometimes it hurts to smile or get out of bed. I want to run away but something pulls me back - perhaps, it’s the feeling that I want to pretend to belong to a group.

I am grateful for many great people that I interact here. As I type this my heart aches and I find myself tearing, so I will walk away for now.

:heart: G


That’s what this is about? :smiley: that regular thing? There’s definitely no need to be jealous for that as it brings you no special powers or anything of that sort (heck, I hoped for 2x hearts, and didn’t even get those!)

As for nicer, that pretty much depends and is a subjective matter. Each has its own level of “nice”, and I think it all depends on our previous life experiences, our personal history, etc.

If anything, I should be the one jealous on you and others, of how good of a seller you’ve proven yourself compared to me over time :slight_smile:

But I’m not jealous. mouse accidentally hits the wall. Honestly though, I see a lot of people doing so much better than me, but I’m not jealous. It’s what it is, each one writing their own pages in life. If I’d have the opportunity to trade my life with someone else’s, I’d consider it. If not, I’m content with what I have, even though it brings me no physical/real benefits.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

  • Buddha

God…I’m gonna go nuts…this guy even writes like me…


I learned REAL tips and tricks of Fiverr.

I learned brevity and calm attitude from Eoin, cheerful and positive attitude from Woofy, immensely positive attitude from Writer, some great gig tips from Gigfreak and compassion from Gina. I am learning a great many things from MissCrystal too.

All the lessons have helped me get better in my communication and gig setting-up. And apart from the freelancing stuff, the Forum and Forum-ers help me get a break from work by participating in either light discussion, getting help or helping others.


Don’t we all have a mask that we put on each day as we wake up and ready ourselves for yet another day?

And you seriously cannot tell me that it hurts smiling at this <<

Maybe I’m your distant twin brother? :thinking:


@writer99025 see that? :grin:
@gina_riley2 see that? that must weigh something in your heart :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words and sharing your lessons with us, Capri! :heart_eyes:


Gina, whatever it is, I’m sure you will pull through it. You’ve come a long way already, there’s nothing you cannot do.


That’s right. :smiley:

Everywhere, where ever there is an argument going on, I see Writer asking people to calm down, giving them reasons for that (like at one place he was saying that nothing is permanent when someone was whining about their lesser sales :D) and sharing positivity.


Thanks @capri2794 You have been immensely positive yourself in your short time here, never complained, have tried to learn and pick up new things. You are already different from 90% of other sellers, and you will go far. Just keep going and don’t look back :+1:


While waiting for dinner to be ready (today hubby is cooking), let me answer the question in the title. Honestly as far as I can think of, I haven´t learned anything from the forum or any other forums that I sometimes visit as well. Or maybe I just never realise if I have learned anything at all. However, I like to visit the forum every now and then to have some casual chat with some nice people in this forum. I have my favorite posters but I won´t tell who. :grin: Some posters have said we are family in this forum, but that´s not what I feel nor I want to feel (but please don´t take that as a bad thing). I just see this forum as something like a coffee shop or a pub where I can pop up anytime I want casually. You all will always be strangers to me, but of course, I will remember the nice ones :slight_smile:


@gina_riley2 I don´t know what you are going through right now. …But as @writer99025 said,


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This is very good, Woofy :slight_smile:

Writer has the same attitude when it comes to that thing, as far as I can remember. So yeah, you could be twins. :slight_smile:


Hi Forum,
I am a new seller. I am looking forward to learning from the forum as I step into this new world. There is so much talent and interesting minds on fiverr. A lot to discover.
I am searching and learning daily.
I would rather keep a positive outlook and contribute what I can to keep moving forward.
I have had enough bumps along the way.


I learned that such hopes are in vain… I’ll come back to this thread in an hour, when my heart stats are up again…

Oh and I learned so many things from (and about) lots of people, people are so interesting, and, of course, from discobot.

Regarding masks and roles, we all play different roles every day, even those who aren´t aware of and would deny it. Which again ties in regarding social life and meeting ‘real’ people’…oh well, there are virtual people who are more real than some real people. Flesh people do still have some advantages over digital ones though, and the beer usually tastes better in a pub than alone at home, too. :wink:

The forum even tries to teach me that it would be better to spend less time in the forum sometimes, it´s really a fair forum in that regard; there are lessons here for just about everything, one just needs to be willing to see and learn them.

ETA: Forgot something very important. I learn/ed things about myself too, any kind of online communities tend to teach one quite a bit about oneself as a byproduct.