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"speaks English"


when I search for “gigs” I check that they speak English so I can communicate with them. However Should Fivver include a simple test the seller must “Understand English”. I get frustrated with simple instructions either get ignored or they simply don’t understand requirements.??


LOL – I guess we would need to do the same with Buyers. I get plenty of instructions from buyers that is hard to understand. Not sure it has to do with the language they speak or the fact they don’t convey their instructions very well. Even if English is there first language, speaking it v.s. writing it can be a challenge for some. Personally, I think it would put up unnecessary road blocks. Instead, let the buyer and seller decide if working together will work out – NOT SOME TEST.


You should always contact a seller first via a message and see how they respond, that will give you an idea of how good their command of the English language is.

Also, if they understand English but cannot write to ask you questions that doesn’t work either. Best bet, contact them first to see how well they write, that will at least give you a better idea.

By the way, what kind of gigs are you buying? Creative design type of gigs?