Special and Promo offers Option


Fiverr should make a new Option for sellers to add Offers on their Gigs. Such as an offer for buy 2 Gigs and get 1 free or pay $25 on Gig extra and get $15 for free or buy 2 Gigs for $5 valid for 24 hours

This will improve sellers revenue by offering discounts for buyers


Fiverr already runs promotional campaigns throughout the year, such as “spend $15 get $5 free”.

As a seller, you can manage your promotional offerings through your gig description and by altering your price.

However, what would be the point in spending $25 to get $15 back - why not just discount your price to $10 to attract customers?


For those that are making a living of Fiverr, it could help to get some work in on a dull moment. If the promo would be triggered by a certain condition it could work really well. For example if the promo would automatically be triggered if I am out of work, of when I almost run out of work.


You don’t need a promo in order to get work. Just lower your prices temporarily, or engage in an off-Fiverr marketing campaign to bring in more traffic.

You have full control of your gigs and how they are presented. You need to take responsibility for your own success. Fiverr doesn’t manage your gigs; you shouldn’t be expecting them to do so.


I definitely agree that promotion outside of Fiverr is the best way to attract more customers and earn more when times are tough.

However, Fiverr removes my gig automatically from the search results when I have more than xx orders. It isn’t that far fetched to, along the same lines, include an option to automatically lower a price (or to include a gig extra for the base fee) when certain conditions are met (though in practice it is a bit more difficult to implement, as there are various things you could change in your pricing).

Marking a price reduction as a discount would also help to charge more to customers that come back, after all the customer knows that he bought a discounted gig the first time.


Again, you can do that on your own. You don’t need Fiverr to manage your gigs or your pricing for you. You have complete control over how your gigs are presented, and what prices you choose to offer those services at, for those who seek them.


Offering a promotion (an introductory discount for new clients) is one of the most used tactics of freelancers and companies alike to get regular clients. Normally you would indicate on your invoice or on your offer that the discounted rate only applies to the first order. This is right now not possible when somebody orders without messaging first (in a custom offer, you could mention it). Or how would you do that?

And of course, you can manage the pricing yourself, but it can be made easier. I also have full control of my bank account, but it’s damn useful that I can schedule my bookings. Automatically charging different prices in different situations would be interesting, but it is certainly not a must have.