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Special Attention for new sellers!

I have a suggestion for new sellers. Please don’t post request in buyer’s request. It doesn’t mean you will get orders by just posting a request. I have observed that almost 30%-40% are the requests by sellers, which make the whole list too congested. This not a way to attract buyers. I hope you will understand.

Thank You!
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you are the greet man this tips very importantly

I’ve noticed this too. There are far too many attempted sellers in the buyer’s request area. There should be a flagging option for these kinds of posts so they can be removed and maintain the purpose of that section.


Great tip for everyone to be honest! :slight_smile:

its wrong, fiverr script will not rank you until you are active user to them, by using your request on any of buyer request makes you active person to fiverr bot, and they rank you time by time, fiverr is not kids game.

i dont know why my word was fumbled lol

You are wrong, new sellers may make a bid, and their accounts will grow to new sales.

Providing quality work and sharing

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That’s so true

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I think the Fiverr should make an other option for seller request. It will be helpful for buyer.

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= The Great Wall of Spamna.

It would be a complete waste of time. Besides, what do you think the home page is?

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buyers request is a useful area on fiverr
you can get business from there, helps improve your activity
it also help in understanding buyers recent needs and you can improve your gig accordingly

i agree…such buyers will still going to post at buyers request page because may be they do not know the differences in buyers and sellers …all they know is to spam as much as they can…

Yeah… why fiverr not doing anything about this?