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Special! Buy my Easter I Love You Video Gig and I'll give you my best selling gig FREE


Hi, Easter is almost here and I’m so in Love with this Easter gig that I want everyone to have one. So if you purchase my Easter Gig, I’ll GIVE you my hottest selling gig for FREE. (Ad on my vehicle, check it out), this is my main gig that stays popular. The only difference is it will be advertised on the main window for one day and the side window for the second day. You can’t beat this deal if you need advertisement for your business, fiverr gig or whatever. As usual, my disclaimer is: {Nothing Crude, Rude or Nude}. Order early because if I get too many orders, I may have to discontinue it in order to fill them before Easter.

Here’s the Easter Gig again and check out my page to see my popular advertising on my vehicle :wink:


I am really surprised this is such a failed gig. I thought it was absolutely great. Oh well, back to the drawing board, lol.