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Special Offer: 20% off your first order!



Can you pls tell me what is this mean? Special Offer: 20% off your first order!
how to active this?

Thank you,

What is Promo code when buying?

Hello, I have no idea but maybe someone else will answer who knows.


You will get an option to “Enter promo code” when you “place the order”.


how to go to the option?


You probably have to order a gig and you will see it.


I checking its. but dont see any one.


Does it look like the picture above where it says:

enter promo code?


no. i dont see above picture? but i have a promo code.


see where it says ENTER PROMO CODE:


yes i know. but i cant see above picture in my acount.


Did you start to order a gig yet?

You have to place an order to see this.


I have a post 4 gigs. but dont see above pic in order place.


You should ask customer support about it then. I don’t know.


Ok thank you very much for help me.


Step 1 > Click on price shown on gig/custom offer.
Step 2 > Click on "Order Now"
Step 3 > The screen I shared shows up.


From your responses, I think you are looking to see if you can offer 20% off on your services that you provide and not to get a discount as a buyer.

This is not possible to activate or deactivate, Fiverr offers it to buyers who can then use it on your gig if they want.


can some one tell me how to use the promo code.and what is its purpose?