Special Offer! 5 Gigs for the Price of 4!



SPECIAL OFFER! Do you have a larger body of text that needs editing? Buy 4 of this gig and receive a 5th for free! That means you get 10,000 words, professionally edited, for the price of 8000!

Sometimes you know the message you want to send, but can’t quite get the words to flow right. Maybe you need a little help rewording some work, or perhaps you’d like a different take on it.

For $5, I will provide one professional edit of up to 2000 words. My edits will not only check for spelling and grammar issues, but will reword the work for improved flow and tone, and to reduce unnecessary repetition. If you have a longer body of work, please buy the correct number of gigs to cover the full word count.

If your work is over 10,000 words, please contact me prior to purchase, as I may need more time to edit your work if it is particularly long.

If you are particularly pleased with the work you receive, please consider giving me a tip to help top my earnings up to a living wage! http://fiverr.com/vicmazonas/gratefully-accept-a-tip-if-you-are-happy-with-my-work