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<<<Special Offer>>>Special Offer<<<Special Offer>>>

Very Special Offers! Free gift for first 10 People! Buy any of my gigs and get any other one for free.


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I think, in this forum, most of them are Seller like you and me. Try to find your targeted people where people want to buy your services and then you can provide attractive offers.


It’s great how Fiverr does official promotions like this. - NOT.

Sadly, by stealing the Fiverr logo and posting what you have, you have demonstrated to the whole world that you are an appallingly stupid human being. Someone might order from you one day. However, to do so, they would have to be their own special kind of stupid.

Good luck with all your future endeavors. - You’ll need it.


Thank You and All the best for your future too.

Fiverr doesn’t allow to use their logo even on gig images and you for some reason decided to even use it as your profile picture. Hopefully your account will survive a bit longer than we expect especially because you still didn’t change your picture even though people on your both topics pointed it out


Thank You…