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Special Offert on my New Gigs! Portrait and DnD's characters in Japanese comic style!

How are you? Well, my new Gigs are here and… There is a special offer too!

Well, if your dream is to be the protagonist of your favourite anime or manga, or simply you wanted to see you in Japanese comic style, this gig is for you!

Dear adventurer, how your campaign is going?
I know how you feel, many things can happen during one hour! Well, obviously it’ll be awesome to be able to make some illustration based on your adventure, right?
This gig is what you need!

All you need to do is to send a message, writing:

  • Your Idea ( Short Description )
  • Reference ( Character description, Character Design or Photos )

Important SALE CODE! Get Standard with Basic’s price!
Use the code #SaleGemini while talking with me, in this way you’ll get these Gigs Standard at Basic’s price!