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Special Tip's for Graphics Related Worker

Many times when a client gives you a pickup, you will get this “HEIC” or any other format, it is not open in Photoshop or Illustrator, after saying a few times and the client gives the same file (many give JPEG), again many clients do not understand, and many clients again and again. After saying that and leaving with this file (maybe many are biz), the designer may then hesitate to go or not (who doesn’t know), if that is not the problem.

Format the file that the client is giving the file, search by typing “HEIC to JPEG”, you will find many websites, then you can easily convert from JPEG to whatever format you want to convert, Just --------

Format (whatever format) to jPEG / PNG

:point_right::point_right: Something else is going on -----

:point_right: Many times when a client gives a text file, it comes in some form other than doc / word / notepad format, so if that is how you can convert online.

Format (in the same format) to doc / word

:point_right: Many times the client gives logos in PDF format, you can convert these to JPEG / PNG format if you wish.

:point_right: Again many PDF text files you want

The same way you can convert to doc / word

So much more you can convert online, you just have to search



What does this suppose to mean?

Still have no idea what you are saying.

I’m not sure, are you complaining about clients sending their files in Heic format and logos in pdf?
Do you have a trouble converting pdf to jpg yourself?
As a graphic designer you should know more on how to convert this files in the format you prefer working with than your clients. A lot of clients don’t know how to convert pdf to jpg and there is no point for them to go through all the trouble of reasearching on how to do it if for you it will take 30 sec to convert pdf to jpg.

Great Thanks for information

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