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Specialist at video game, animals and fantasy style art

Hi there,

I am a professional video games artist with many years experience working in the industry. I specialise in painting fantasy style artwork but also turn my hand to many other styles, such as horror, cartoons, sci-fi and anime to name a few examples. I also paint lots of animals, either cute or with a more realistic touch.

If you need some concept art, or help with drawing a cool character/creature then please feel free to look at my gigs and message me for details on pricing. I also offer custom work, if you can’t see what you are after. Some examples of custom work I’ve done are T-Shirt designs, logos, book covers and mixed animal and character portraits.

I have an excellent record of customer service. I’m sure you will be happy with the service I can provide you.

If you message me I can show you my online portfolio for some further examples of my work.


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Nice drawing skills Natalie. Good luck with your business here on Fiverr :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much. Appreciate it!