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Specialization - how do I add this?

Hello. How do I add my ‘specializations’ that appear on the right side of my gig, under the ‘platform’ heading?

I’ve seen some other peoples’ gigs with examples like ‘Blog & Magazine’, ‘Corporate’ ‘Education’ etc.

Hi Anna,

I think you’re referring to the subcategory of the gig and the corresponding list you see under the sub-heading ‘Service Type’ on the right-hand side of your gig description, right?

When you click on ‘edit gig’ and go to the first section called ‘overview’, where you get to edit the title and select the category of your gig, you can see that there are two boxes beside the ‘category’ field. The first box represents the category and the second box the subcategory. Each subcategory has a preset group of types of services (such as ‘Blog & Magazine’ or ‘Corporate Education’) that come along with them.

Alternatively, if, despite selecting the appropriate gig subcategory, you still cannot see the service type you’re interested in show up under the subheading ‘what type of service do you provide?’, you can use the ‘suggest other’ option that you can see beside the heading ‘gig metadata’ to add your own type of service.

Oooohhh I see!! It’s so obvious now.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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