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Specific amount to refund


Is there an option to refund the buyer the specific amount? I only need to refund the extra gig he ordered not all gig.


There is no such option


I see. is there any way to resolve this problem? I don’t wanna cancel the whole gig because it’s already done.


Your buyer can place a new order for the correct amount, you deliver, he marks it as completed, and then you refund the old order.


Thanks for the idea. Maybe I just send him a custom offer for the specific amount so that he won’t be charged again with the transaction fee.

Does refunding buyer means cancellation of the order right?


Yes, it means cancellation.


May be fiverr got this suggestion more than 100 times in a day.
But we badly need it.
For now you have to cancel the order.


There is no option for that, you can contact the CS on that.