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Specific category vs multi category (Seller Account)

Which is better? If a seller starts on Fiverr as a data entry operator work, after 2 years later seller learned WordPress and SEO and thinking to open new gigs on the account using those skills. Is it a good idea to offers services on the same account? Because wp and SEO are bigger and more qualified sector than data entry category. When a buyer would visit that seller account and noticed his/her speciality, a buyer might little confused and think either should hire him/her or not. It’s like a grocery. Maybe buyer skips that seller and will find someone else, I don’t know. How to feel it would be as a buyer because if a seller sells data entry, lead generation, wp, SEO, Shopify, digital marketing gigs on the same account. I hope you guys guess what I am trying to explain. Is there any effect on seller account if does this?

Thank You