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Specific Gig Request

Dear all,

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but here goes.
I have a project in mind, and it is about setting the site, name , branding, ect…the whole sabang - meaning setting an entire business online-wise. Everything is pretty much ready to go.

I want to search the buyer request site to find similar request like mine, or at least find the seller that does some job similar to this.
Where can bo about search other buyer request for reference? Is it by using the seller account?


In order to see buyer requests you must have at least one active gig. Keep in mind that new sellers see very few buyer requests.

My suggestion is to browse through desired category and find the seller that can complete your task.

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Oh, so I have to register as a “seller” too in order to browse through the request? and have 1 active gig. Thanks a lot.
I don’t know if I can register as a “buyer” and a “seller” as well.

I did browse through the catergory, but it is quite distict, between the categories, and they don’t have a portfolio or some “Showcase” of the gig they can’t place in specific category, you know, like some “store” have other items but you have to see in person.

So I hope I can see the geneeral package they provide without pm each person.