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Specific Search Showing Same Results

Hello all,
I am facing a problems from last few days,
1: orders suddenly stops from last few days.
2: when i search word skip tracing, it shows same results, even i refresh or research the results remain same, means even no changes in gigs positioning. is there anyone who can help me to reslove this issue.?

What are you doing to reach out (i.e., market) to your target customers, show them how you can solve their problems, and then convince them to hire you? Fiverr does not guarantee that you will have sales just because you have gigs here on Fiverr. You are still responsible for the success of your own gigs.

Unfortunately, none of us can help you show up in the search results. We have no control over which gigs show up, and where they show up. Again, your gig success is your responsibility. What are you doing to stand out from your competition, market to your target customers, and present yourself as the best seller for the services you offer?

If you can bring in sales; if you can complete and deliver top quality work that earns great reviews, you might start to show up – or show up higher – in the search results. Great sellers tend to have a better position in the search results.