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Specific working days, and time off :)


Hi - just wanted to make a suggestion. Would it be possible for Fiverr to allow sellers to create working days and hours? For example, for someone who works a regular 9-5, they could set their gig to have “fiverr working days” be Saturday and Sunday, or maybe weeknights. I am using Fiverr as my sole means of employment right now, so I could set my working days to be Monday through Friday. Then the orders (and their time limits) would reflect this (for example, if I get an order on Friday night for a gig that normally takes two days, it wouldn’t be due until the next Tuesday). We all have very different schedules, and we all need time off. Right now I usually end up putting my gig into vacation mode so I can take a day off, but it would be great to be able to set a regular schedule for time off. Thanks!


Just increase your lead time. If you have an order that will run into a day off, let your buyer know that it will be one more day before you can begin (or continue) work on their order. Of course, the message won’t be necessary if your lead time is long enough. :wink: No need to set vacation mode if you increase expected delivery times.


I completely agree with you Meliara! I think this is just common sense. Although, I have taken the direction that GoodGift noted, and increased my turn around time from 7 to 10 days. This allows me to take a couple of days off if needed.

Until Fiverr makes the site more ‘user-friendly’, we are left to our own devices…


I think the work hours feature would be good. I do have some extended times on some of my more complicated gigs. However, it would be nice to let people know when I am online and working so they can know when to expect a response immediately, especially with all of the different time zones.


yah that would be a good idea.


Excellent suggestion, Fiverr, please take note… I imagine this is a prime reason that sellers leave Fiverr.


I was doing like you and taking vacation days or suspending my gigs on days I wanted off–I need at least one a week or my eyes go buggy. But then I got the advice from some other sellers to extend my deadline, as others suggested here, and that’s working great. I was so worried I’d get less buyers–actually with any of those options, whether vacation days, suspending gigs, or extending deadlines–but I have still been quite busy. And now I’m not worrying about taking a weekend day off. Actually, I worry a little but I am learning to relax about it. I still do answer messages through the fiverr app on my phone, but I try really hard not to work one day a week. And it does my eyes and my mind and body a LOT of good! I always get to the point where I’m so tired I think I can never do this again! But then one day off and I’m totally refreshed and feel like working again. It’s funny.


I’ve considered doing that too! But one of my main selling points, I think, is that I have a pretty fast turn around (48 hours). However, maybe every now and then I could extend it when I need a little time off! :slight_smile:


I partly agree with increasing lead time but I don’t think it works in all situations. I often already have orders placed in mid-week that need to be wrapped up on a Saturday. For me that isn’t always a problem since my family has irregular hours. If I consistently hoped for weekends off, though, lead time doesn’t solve it at all. I think it would be awesome to set working days and hours and it would help people who want part or full time. If you rely on vacation or suspension, you may lose place in search and that isn’t very fair for at least VM either.


I do like the idea. I’d be happy with exempting certain days for delivery. For example, if I exempt Sat/Sun and have the fiverr clock adjust accordingly.

It would also be great if on the gig itself that it noted something like “Order this gig today and have it delivered by XXX.” Sort of like Amazon does. This tiny feature by itself would be very helpful in setting the timing expectation with the customer. I get so many emails asking me how fast I deliver. I think it’s because buyers think that the “average days” is just that. They don’t understand that “average days” really means… the number of days the seller says they’ll deliver.


LIKE :-bd


When fiverr refresh their site for buyer request/available projects


This would be a great feature, im just working on my first project on here and didn’t realize it was a countdown type arrangement from when you agree on a proposal, which also includes weekends. I know have the scenario where the buyer is complaining because its late which is in fact not the case. Setting which hours you work and also what day you’re going to start the job would a very handy feature.