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Speed up and optimize Your Wordpress Site within 24 hours

Website speed optimization is the process of making your website loading time and overall site performance better for users and search engines. In 2010, Google started to count website speed as a Ranking Signal.

Today, site speed is a MAJOR OnSite SEO factor that needs to be optimized well.

Will Provide Full Online reports Before And After Speeding process.

What I Will Do For You:

  • JavaScript and CSS files minification .

  • Enable file Caching and optimize it .

  • Enabling Gzip compression for your site files.

  • optimize your site database.

  • clean old post revision and pingbacks.

  • Enable Browser caching for your site visitors .

  • optimize the HTML code.

  • manual reducing big images size without losing any quality.

Note! Speeding up the Wordpress may require installing some plugins

** This Service is only intended for non-SSL Website. SSL Website will cost extra. Please consult with me before ordering SSL Site optimizations.