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Spend $10 get $5 back!


Hi guys! Fiverr has a deal where you spend $10 and get $5 from June 1-3rd only!
I am online and ready to do your readings now! xo


my email stated $20 and get $5 back.


I double checked again, it says $10


I want your email, lol.


Will it be considered as a partial refund?



I’ve never really done this before, but I’m sure if you don’t get the money automatically in your account, you could just show the email to CS and they will fund you the $5 amount.

Just to be clear I don’t fund anyone the money myself - it is either automated or by CS.


interesting that they are sending out different amounts.
Curiouser and curiouser.


I know that is very strange :thinking:


Anyways try it out you guys! You basically get 2 Psychic readings for the price of one.


this offer changes from person to person . And Their is no specific time for all members they select accounts randomly.


I haven’t that kind of offer… :joy: :confused: