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Spend $10, get $5 promotion (one time or recurring until expiration)

Hello, is the current promotion recurring, meaning every $10 spent is $5 back, or is it one time only?

Also when is the end time for this promotion?


Where did you find this promotion? I would love to use it!

I received an email as well for this promotion, but I am not sure how or when it applies. I’m about to buy an expensive gig and would love for this to apply, but when I go to the my cart and about to pay, it shows the full amount…What do I need to do?

I think the promotion runs periodically. I don’t believe it applies to all users; those who are eligible should either receive an email or see a banner on the site.

Also, I highly doubt that it is applies for every gig, as they are usually one off promotions.


I dont understand how to use the extra cash, I have more cash on my account, but when I klick to pay for something it throws me to Paypal with no possibility to use the cas in the account.



HUNDREDS of people are complaining about this. The Fiverr interface pops up showing at the top of the screen an announcement (spend $10 and get a $5 credit immediately which must be used by January 1, 2015) THEN you spend all kinds of money and another message pops up YOU EARNED A $5 credit spend it now! THEN when you order tyring to use the credit it takes you straight to the payment place and there is NO WAY to use this imaginary credit. The message disappears and never reappears. The money NEVER shows as a credit. SUPPORT has only responded to say in order to help me they need to know what email address is associated with my account EVEN THOUGH THIER SYSTEM IS BROKE AND THIS IS HAPPENING TO HUNDRES OF PEOPLE.

Thing is that I have 14 USD in credit on the acount, but when I try to pay i get redirected to paypal. How do I use the credits?

Nobody from Fiverr support responded to this thread???