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Spend 25$ and get 5$ back! Offer for buyers by Fiverr


Does anyone know about this offer started by Fiverr for buyers? I woke up today and saw a number of incomplete orders from my regular clients and buyer’s messages requesting custom offers in the multiples of 25$.
Are there any terms and conditions for this offer?
One of my buyers told me that the deadline is 9th June.

Any other information would be highly appreciated. Thank you.


When I haven’t purchased in awhile (varies between a week to a month), I get a buy $20 or $25 & get $5 credit.

The credit comes from 5r, not the seller. You don’t have to do anything. I typically use it to tip the seller. :blush:


A customer messaged me to ask for a custom offer above a limit as well (like Gina says, the amount they need to spend seems to vary) before the 9th, so it might be some specific promotion.

But if I understood right, it is 5$ for ‘a purchase over’ xx$, so nevermind if I´d send, for instance, 2 x 25$ offers instead of just one for 50$, they´d still ‘only’ get 1x 5$? I don´t think it works like 5$ per order over xx$? Anyone knows for sure?

Not so sure about the ‘credit comes from Fiverr’ part bit though, BTW, some threads I´ve read on the forum indicate otherwise, some sellers were wondering about less than normal revenue from some sold gigs and, after finding out it was because of Fiverr promotions, had to contact CS to get the difference credited.
I´m not sure if that is different for different types of promotions, or a bug only affecting some accounts, so maybe better keep an eye on those revenues, just in case. :slight_smile:


You are correct on all accounts, Mila. :slight_smile:

I can confirm you only get one $5, as long as you spend over threshold.

$10 + $10 + $5 = $5 credit
$50 + $25 + $5 = $5 credit

This is not promotion but an incentive for buyers to spend. They credit my 5r balance and has no effect on seller. (I’ve gotton this after ordering from you once! :grinning: )


Hm, I just was looking around for a gig to try this out/make use of the offer and found this when scrolling down the page:

Terms & Conditions
All Fiverr’s Terms of Service apply. Spend a total of $20 or more on any number of Gigs by 11:59pm GMT June 9, 2017 and $5 will automatically be applied to your Fiverr® shopping balance by June 14, 2017. The $5 bonus may be credited once only per Fiverr® user account during the promotion period. You must redeem the $5 credit by purchasing a $5 Gig by June 21, 2017 or the credit will be removed from your shopping balance. This promotion is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice at any time at Fiverr’s sole discretion.

As always, I guess it´s good to look for and read the small print.

Doesn´t matter though, I found a gig I want to try and can find a 5$ one again before June 21st, I guess, just need to remember that part. Oh though it has to be after the 14th too then? lol I´ll need to paste a sticky on my screen then though. :wink:


Thanks for your responses, Gina and Mila.

It looks like some of my buyers are going to be very disappointed by this new information I’m going to provide them, especially the one who ordered 7 drawings for 175$, hoping to get 35$ back.

@gina_riley2 Do buyers also get the terms and conditions with the special offer message from Fiverr?

Edit: Thanks Mila for the information provided.


I’m sending your terms and Conditions comment to my clients and hopefully, won’t have any cancellations.:sweat_smile:

Thanks again


I just bought the gig and got this notification:

Earned a reward, haha, nice, gamification works well with me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good news for me - No cancellations yet. :grin:

But I don’t like the “incomplete” status for the orders. Feels quite weird.