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Spend 40$ and get 10$ back. How does it work?

Hey guys, i think every one of us noticed fiverr announce to spend 40$ and get 10$ back.

Is it so simple like it’s announced ? or i may spend them in a unique gigs ?

i mean i wanna buy VOice over for my projects with 40$, will it then give me 10$ back ?


Yes. It’s that easy.

You buy $40 worth in any increment. If the offer has not expired, within 24 hours of the last purchase equaling $40, you will get a $10 credit to your account!

Happy :shopping_cart: ! :slight_smile:


So i just buy equally 40$, Then i wait for 24hrs to get the 10$ as a gift ?

You get a credit to your 5r balance to make addtional purchase.

sorry for bothering ^^

Just to be specific, i purchase with 40$ " it could be used for many gigs ? not only just onem Right ?

Then after that, Fiverr gives me 10$ that i could only use to purchase additional thing ?

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Yes, you are correct!

** No need to apologize, you are not bothering me. Being a newbie buyer is overwhelming, I’ve been there! :grinning:

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hey, does this need to be a golden buyer ? or a specific lvl of seller ? or it’s for all ?

Are you asking from perspective of buyer or seller?

Spend a total of $40 or more on any or any number of gigs before October 12, 2017 and get $10 back to your account. The $10 may be credited only “once” per user account.

Hi, I’ve spent $45 for a gig in october 8, but I didn’t received the $10 credit in my account.
I don’t understand.

Contact the Customer Support, only they can help you.

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I like how you wrote “5r” instead of “Fiverr” :grin:

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Me too!