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\"Spend a total of $15 on ANY Gigs & Get $5 FREE!\"

Hi everyone. First of all, I tried fiverr’s support but it does not seem to be working.

About the email Fiverr sent – “Spend a total of $15 on ANY Gigs &
Get $5 FREE!” I already have spent $15 and received a notification that says “You’ve spent $15 and earned $5 reward. Your account will be credited within 24 hours.” 24 hours is almost up and I don’t see anything credited on my account. Also, when I click on the notification message, it says “The Gig you were looking for is no longer available” but I have not yet chosen the next gig I want to buy. Can FIverr or anybody please clarify on this one? Much appreciate your help.

Also in my shopping cart, there’s also a view cart notification. When I viewed it yesterday – thinking that would be my free gig – the total was $5.50. And upon checking it now, it’s gone up to $6. A little lost there there.

Any thoughts on these? Thanks so much.

I have the same thing,each time I try to use the $5 credit it still charges me,I have 3 days left to use it so I hope someone can tell us how too!

Hi clover22,

Good news! I received my credit just a few hours, I think, after I posted this “rant.” But I have not used it yet. I will try a bit later. I hope you will resolve yours too. Good luck:)

Credit may only be used on gigs equal to or less than the credit amount.

If you want to purchase a gig with credit and your credit will not cover the total amount, ask the buyer to break it into a custom offer of your credit amount and the rest. So you’ll purchase 2 gigs: one with credit, one with paypal.

This kind of answer is posted all over the forum; please feel free to search around in the future so you can get your answer faster.

Having same issue…

I receive this message recently: “Spend a total of $15 on ANY Gigs & Get $5 FREE!” but my account has not been credited. Can someone tell me how it works and when I can expect this money?