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Spending 19hrs. on fiverr ! But still not getting buyers :(


I spend 18-19 hrs. daily regurlarly on fiverr from last two months, But still not getting buyers. What to do ? Should i leave spending such a huge time on fiverr ??


What do you do on fiverr for 18 Hours? Just watching and getting inspiration from others?


just wait my friend


Yeah, it depends on what you do those 18 hours really.


Do you know that there are sellers who just created their gig and get 30-50 orders in one day…? (I mean not rated just joined seller can get that much of orders just like that? nah right :D)

They say they did some promoting in facebook and Twitter… :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe you should saunter over to marketing pages and social networking sites. Start telling people about your gig on other pages. Good luck with your gigs


Well I think its all about your effort. There may be someone else who can do the same work in a better way/less time.

I am getting 4-5 orders a day on a single gig. Just added my second gig 2 days ago. What I do is always update my past/present buyers with new offers, changes. Try to reply them asap. Offer some offer like a free gig on completing 5 orders with me. And I think I am successful enough with a single gig. This is what I personally think…

On starting I think one must focus on building good repo instead $$. e.g. If your offering a service. Give “buy one get on free”. Do this until you get 4,5 reviews. Always offer something really unique. I hope my highlighted points will help you.