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Spending 2 years without any work

I’m a creative web content writer. I’ve been sending offers since 2018, but still couldn’t manage to get a single writing job. Any tips for me?

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Try to Active 24 hours , Send more & more Bayer Request.
Best Of Luck Brother.


Thanks a lot for your valuable tips.

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The tips you told him have been debunked here, please see this thread: Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!


Thanks a lot. I found those tips really valuable to me.

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Your gigs arent optimized for SEO
You only have two gigs, one for long term copywriter, which no one is looking for on fiverr
make gigs for seo articles, blog articles etc. something people actually look for

your gig image does not contain any info on your gig


But are they valuable tips? I would suggest not.

Staying online 24/7 is impossible unless you fraudulently represent yourself by using page refreshers for when you are asleep.

It is only sensible to respond to buyer requests that you are qualified to complete. There is a finite number of these.

So, not so valuable tips after all.


As well as sending offers to buyer requests that you can do well, you could try adjusting prices of gigs and/or try creating different gigs to see if that helps with orders.

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