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Spending Fiverr money?

A gig I bought a week or two ago didn’t despatch on time and I was given the option to cancel it. I waited a few days and did, and now I have $8 in my Fiverr balance. But I can’t withdraw this money, and I can’t spend it on other gigs! I tried to order another gig but I got to the final stage of Paypal payment and it wanted me to pay the full amount through my Visa, with no deduction using the $ in my Fiverr balance. So, how do I get my money back/use it on other gigs?

You’ll find the answer here:

Reply to @kevinwil: I think @kevinwil did not read this question carefully! The question that he sent a link to is about trying to get a refund of Fiverr balance to PayPal. This question is about not being able to spend Fiverr balance on new gigs.

I’m having the same problem. Did you figure this out?

I am having the same problem. I requested a refund and received one from a seller. Now it shows the $5 in the right hand corner of the page when I am logged in. When I go to purchase a new gig, I have no chance to use this balance. I want to use this toward my next purchase. It seems like this would be a simple thing to do. has been very difficult with financial issues and their lack of a real customer service department complicates things. Then you have other users providing misinformation or inaccurate responses, and without a quick response directly Fiverr directly, things become even more complicated…


As stated in the forum post provided(You have to go below the main post.), are you trying to place an order above the amount of what you have in your Fiverr balance? In your case, if you try to place let’s say two gig orders costing $10, you won’t be able to and it will make you go to Paypal. If you’re trying to place an order for $5, it will use your Fiverr balance. Your balance has to be the same or above the amount you want to spend. If you’re already aware of this and this isn’t the case, it may be best to contact CS to inquire further.

shopping balance has been credited to my account amounts to USD 5, however when i try to buy any gig (USD 5), it takes me to payment gateway please help how can i redeem the credit of USD 5?

Reply to @vivekvyas510: You’ll have to contact Customer Support and ask them what are your options. The problem was created when Fiverr added a $0.50 processing fee, so your credit no longer covers the whole amount.

This is ridiculous. There is no way to use a small balance of under $5.00. Every gig has a processing fee. This is like putting money on a fishing pole and then putting it in front of our faces and making us run but we will never see this money.

If the money was a refund from another gig they should either credit the entire amount back to your account or let you use it towards the purchase of a new gig of any amount. If I have $5.00 and 100 other people have $5.00 this starts adding up and with no way to cash out they get to keep that money.

How are they getting away with this?

I have the same issue. Have $20 in the account from a previous gig that didn’t work out and want to order a gig for $25. If I read this correctly, do I have to top up my account to $25 before I order the gig to access the $20 already in it?

Hey, is there a time limit to spend the balance? Do I have to spend that balance before a certain time before it will be “confiscated”?

It says May 9th for mine, so I think so.

This doesn’t work.
This is what happened to me. I canceled order b/c the vendor was not responding. Then the amount that hit my account was $4. I couldn’t buy with that b/c the minimum of Fiverr gig is $5. After a long period of time I ordered a gig and the vendor canceled it. Now I have $9 in my Fiverr balance. I asked a vendor to create a custom offer for $ 9 so I may be able to use all my balance. He created a custom gig for $8.

Now I wanted to order and the system is taking me to pay via Paypal. Now this is unfair. The total amount of money needed is 8.50 b/c there is a 0.50 fee of Fiverr. Then why can’t I pay with my Fiverr balance??

I just ordered a $5 gig and have a $5 award and it did not apply as you say it should. Fiverr does not make it clear in any way how to use that money so I will start using my American Express. They will take better care of me.

As far as I can see in my own account there IS a time limit. The problem is that I can’t figure out HOW to spend it. Seems like Fiverr has figured out a way to extort the refunds back to themselves without giving us a chance to use them. Very irritating.