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Spiderman needs your help!

With how to improve his gig!

Yeap the webhead himself needs your help on how to improve his promote your logo or message gig!

Thank you all in advance :smiley:

Your video quality is not that great. Maybe you can redo your video with a little bit more lighting? Also you might want to consider adding a sample following your introduction so the client could see how the finished product may look like? I would also do individual gigs,1 in which you promote and embedd a logo and than a completely different gig such as a video testimonial dressed as spiderman, or even a birthday message for kids could be a big hit ;). Best of luck!!!

Yeah right now it’s kinda all I got :stuck_out_tongue: until I get money for a better one. I would do individual gigs but right now I have other gigs and can only have 7 haha.

Thanks for the tips and advice :slight_smile:

I would run a small youtube marketing ad with your video, and link back to your Fiverr gig. Perhaps play around with three types of videos and experiment with it a bit to test conversion rates. Even silly potential viral videos on Youtube with you utilizing your costume could help draw in sales. Some of the most people users such as ones that offer puppets got and still get most of their sales from their YT following and recurring sales. I had a gig like that but with a different theme that had some success in the past, but the theme i chose ended up being too hard to reproduce for videos, unfortunately.

Haha like make a channel for the gig? Not sure what you mean by advertise on YT because I don’t have a presence there with subscribers at all lol.

Oh also I did upload a new video it’s a bit better quality and describes the gig a bit more.

Well, essentially establish a personality. Try to focus videos on trending topics and set aside an hour or two to make multiple videos all at once, post them up and see what happens. All linking back to A fiverr Gig.

“Spider Trump”
“Spiderman wants to feel the bern”
“Spiderman going shopping”

Aka political ones would be easy to jump on the bandwagon for, or just various other trending things. Essentially the equivalent reaction videos. Or simply just being silly. Essentially social gigs sell better with a social presence and word of mouth. I asked a few previous TRS how they get sales and I came to the understanding they know very little about SEO/Marketing and a whole lot about social presence and viral effects. Some even told me they took out AD’s to get them to that point, built up a bit of a YT following and went from there. The short answer is until you get a bit of a following, it’s going to be hard to get sales on that particular gig through just keyword targeting alone. Most people don’t really come on to Fiverr and search “spiderman” for example, but may sift through fun & bizzarre gigs to find something similar.

The Youtube AD is self explanatory if you’re willing to invest a little and you can literally use your Fiverr video AD as an ad for Youtube if you’re linking back to your gig with it.

Often times people love to order those types of services but never like to be the first one to order them. I have gigs that are simply not getting orders not because they are potentially poor quality, but because that specific gig doesn’t have feedback. I had one ever so recently that once I got the first order, I had five or so follow-up orders in less than a week despite before that it sitting there for months getting traffic.

Hopefully this is pretty good clarity for you and helps. :slight_smile: I was kind of sleepy when I sent the previous response but this should be a bit more in-depth for you, far more than most TRS or Level 2 sellers would probably tell you but for me as I am not

Thanks a lot! :smiley: very helpful advice. I was thinking also maybe making a fiverr youtube account and post all the gigs on there for my 2d game asset maybe do a speed video of me creating the asset and so on. I think I shall do this and then post the video on youtube then post it out to my followers on twitter :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot :smiley:

Best of luck! To finish my statement as apparently Fiverr cut it off. I haven’t really had much luck actually posting my gigs on Youtube, but it’s feasible with the right target keywords to get some results. Utilize something like Google’s keyword planner to determine keywords with high search volumes of traffic but make sure the keywords have videos from channels with low subscriber counts and there you go!

“…but for me as I don’t really intend on running any social-related gigs on Fiverr all too often might as well get more specific.”