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Splitting the editing category is so dumb

Fiverr have split the proofreading and editing categories down so they’re now “copy editing” and “proofreading.”

While I get that some sellers only offer one, this makes it extremely annoying for sellers like me who do both. Plus, from my experience, buyers are actually looking for both. Buyers already aren’t aware of what’s included in an editing order, so how will they react if I say I’ll copy edit something and they complain that there are errors because it’s not yet been proofread?

If they come to me for a copy edit, I’m not going to then charge them separately for proofreading, that’s just nonsensical. To me, proofreading something is part of my editing process. I do it alongside copy editing, then do a final check, which takes no time at all.

So do I create a gig now for copy editing and a separate one for proofreading? Why? Why would I want to do that? Is this new feature based on real research and buyer and seller experience? Because I can tell you right now buyers will find more reasons to complain about work not included than they did before.


I hate that they split it up. It doesn’t make any sense for my gigs either. I opted to not choose either category, seeing as if you do what you offer in your gig becomes one wimpy option. However, this has caused me a lot of issues. My impressions have gone down so much since this update was introduced because I haven’t chosen either option. I think I’m going to have to choose an option and reduce what I offer to get my impressions and clicks back up. These are the only options you get when you choose proofreading. It just looks ridiculous.