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Spokespeople! Help needed with equipment

Hey everyone,

I’m just looking for a bit of advice from spokespeople out there. I’m currently a Voice Over but looking at branching out into being a spokesman (if you’re speaking into a mic, why not do it into a camera)

Any advice on affordable cameras that can support 1080p… also any information on word prompting software. Oh and one last thing, how do the top sellers sound so clear, do they use a separate mic?

Thanks in advance,

I recently did extensive research in the exact same thing. I also do VO and thought about it

Yes. lapel or boom mic.

You can find a small teleprompter called the Parrot. It’s about $90ish and will work with a cell phone. Screen is small, but it’s easy, affordable, and portable.

Next size up would be around $150-$200. These teleprompters can use iPads, Kindle, etc. Good quality in these and bigger screen, but more expensive.

You can also find some good DIY prompter ideas online if you feel handy enough.

Here is what I would recommend you look at: Lights , white back drop, teleprompter, lapel mic (if you can for better audio), and camera.

Hope this helped a little.

Thanks so much mate, there’s a few things to buy that’s for sure!

It’s interesting that there aren’t more VO’s doing it as the skill-sets seem related.

Best of luck if you decide to take the plunge