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Spokesperson on Fiverr (Youtube)

Hello guys just a quick question I hope you can help me with :slight_smile:

I am new on Fiverr and latley business is going well, I mainly offer spokesperson videos and after investing 4 figures on a professional 4k camcorder and microphone customers that are purchasing are loving my orders due to me offering the cheapest/most words in my package when compared to others (on the basis I am using professional equipment)

Now here is my question. I am wondering am I aloud to promote/show a youtube channel in my adverts solely for advertising purposes for my fiver gigs, when I upload a video to Fivverr when listing a gig I had to trim down my original as the max time length was very short. I dont have a youtube channel but would like to create one to offer and demonstrate some of the jobs that I can do and show off some of my skills. I would then create a new advert for my gig and say for instance “to see full example/demonstration videos off the gig check them out on my youtube page” (to which I would then display on the screen"

I work a normal job managing an IT department so obviously in order to set this up and create videos/examples it is going to take me around a days work so I would like to know here if its aloud rather than waste a day promoting my gig for nothing.

The youtube page would show nothing apart from Fiverr related material.

Many thanks, Stephen :slight_smile: (Stevethebook)


Hello guys. Nobody any idea’s on this matter? Help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes - you can link to a YouTube video/playlist/channel in your gigs to show examples, and to send traffic to your gigs from YouTube. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s important!

many thanks smiler, means I can start better promoting what I offer :slight_smile:

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