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Sponsored gigs: progress report!

Hey gang!

OK a bit of a backstory: back when promoted gigs rolled out, I have to admit I was really sceptical about the feature.

The first couple of months, I activated the feature across almost all of my gigs, and got zero results.

I decided to not give up, and instead do my best to figure out what works best for me.

After about 45 days of experimentation, I am finally getting some good results in.

Cue screenshot:

Now that’s some pretty impressive ROI, I was definitely not expecting that.

The good news is that I will be talking about the tools I used to set up my gigs for this kind of performance, during the upcoming “Explainers: Explained.” webinar.

I will break down the marketing fundamentals one should keep in mind while creating their gig, which will increase their performance by setting them up to take advantage of the marketplace’s traffic. :slight_smile:

:point_right: Grab your seat! :point_left:

Use the above link to register, hope to see you there!


This happened as I was creating my post:


I activated the features but got zero results and lost my gig ranked


I am sorry to hear that @hmmirazulislam

Sounds like there’s more to your story.

I have to admit the sponsored gigs feature is not that intuitive when it comes to figuring it out.

I suggest watching Fiverr’s past webinar about sponsored gigs, they do offer some tips I used as the base of my experiment.


Stats from my dashboard. , Last month I paused my ads for 10days as I had a busy schedule. Currently, I’m in Out of Office/Unavailable mode (also turn off ads separately. I feel like these two options are not synchronized, need some more research on it).


I recently got access to this feature and I’ve decided to try it out over weekends, this is the first week so I guess we’ll see how it goes. Did you have activated for 45 days straight or was there any method as to the time and days you used it?


That’s great @wp_kid !

Yeah I think that those two features need to talk to each other.

Great ROI though!


My data told me that turning it off and on, will not yield great results.
My performance changed after I edited my gigs a bit, and after I decided to double-down on the feature and stop tweaking my bid as much.

In my personal experience, consistency and a high bid were two key ingredients, along of course with my gig optimization.


Lifetime results:

Last 90 days:

I was extremely happy with my results after my first month, where I had earned a bit more than $2000 from around $13. Can be seen here:

Since then, I have barely gotten any sales from this feature. Most people who contact me through the ad now do not know my prices or are looking to hire me as a customer service representative for their businesses, which has nothing to do with my gigs.


Those are great numbers @vibronx !

Your current issue probably means that there is some sort of misalignment between how your gigs are created and how Fiverr targets its audience.

Since their targeting is not exactly transparent, some tweaking on your end may be in order.


Yes, I am still very happy with the performance overall.

You are most likely right. Perhaps I will try to tweak and experiement with a few things the coming days or weeks to see if I can get it going again!


Following are my lifetime results.

Unfortunately, on the 2nd of Feb, something weird happened, and both my gigs lost their ranking. Now I hardly get 1-2 clicks per day. And because of that, my gigs aren’t qualified for promoted gigs anymore.


You are both Top Rated Sellers. For sure this has its benefits into choosing you instead of someone else.
I am level 2 and I just got invited to this feature 2-3 days ago. However I only have 45 impressions and 3 clicks. How much should the bid be in order to get more impressions?

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At the end of last year I had 1K impressions each day on a single gig. As I am a student I need to go out of office for long periods of time, so now I have difficulties to reach the number of impressions I had previously.

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Ah, the infamous TRS argument.

Sure, sometimes the golden badge may play its part, especially during the consideration stage.

But I insist that setting up your gig to set clear expectations and feel more relevant to your target audience is more important.

How is my TRS badge going to help me when the client’s budget is $100 and my rate is $1,000?

My badge has nothing to do with their decision.

It only comes into play if their needs, budget and time frame are aligned with my gig’s setup.


I expressed myself wrong. I am not saying that your badge helps you more for the promotion feature. I simply think that if there are 2 similar services, similar prices, I would for sure choose the TRS instead of someone else.
You have earned your badge, so I have nothing to say about that. My consideration wasn’t an attack or criticism.


I didn’t take it as such.

However there’s a flaw in your logic, as you are making a wrong assumption:

Because of my TRS status and experience, our price points will never be similar.

We will never directly compete as much as it appears that we are.

You are however correct, that if everything was on the same level, the badge would help a TRS come on top.

As for your bid question: I think the higher the better, but you should take into account how being off the platform for long periods of time, hurts your performance.


Also I have a question related to the promotion feature. I’d be glad if you could clarify this.
If I send a link to my gig, or someone goes intentionally into my profile by URL link. Will all of those clicks still be counted by the Ads Performance. I hope the answer is no, because otherwise what’s the point of the ads.

Lifetime results:

Happy with them to be honest.


No, ads count clicks and impressions from when the system actually serves your ad to buyers.

@heyfellow1 looking good!


it works but there are some quirks with it. this is over the last month revenue


100% @markp

I’d love to see an update on that dashboard and some additional control/automations.

It took me a while to see any results, and it’s currently extremely hard to get a sense of what’s working or if you made things worse when you edit stuff.

That’s some solid ROI on your end though, no doubt!

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