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Sponsored gigs: progress report!

I received the Promoted Gigs feature 2 days ago, so I just got started!

So far, I haven’t received any clicks, but I’m not sure if Promoted Gigs will be useful for me.

The gig that got selected is already the #1 gig in that category, so I don’t know if it’s worth paying for sponsoring.

Do you think it’s a good idea for me? Also, approximately how long did it take to start getting clicks and orders?


That was my first thought as well if I am being honest.

My gigs were already ranking pretty high, most of the times.

But as soon as I decided to let go of that notion, that’s when I started tweaking and getting some sponsored sales in.

It took me over a month of 0 sales before I decided to start tweaking.


Great to hear others had good results. My experience was poor, long story short my gig’s rank tanked… I tried using the feature with the highest max bid no messages, no sales, only massive loss in my gig position.

I am not sure if a gig is removed from its natural ranking during the promotion (be interested to know because that might be the reason for the sudden lose in ranking impressions).

This of course is a different story for the other levels

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Ohh okay, thanks for the info!

I’m currently on the $10 gift trial, so we’ll see how that goes. Thanks again!


Same as @krheate, only got this feature about 3 days ago.

My gig is already high and at the top of the page. But to test out, I set my bid to $0,02. And from the first couple of hours I got 4 clicks and an order. So, I paid $0,08 and got the first $95 order from ads.

I will try increasing price per click, but still not sure how profitable it would be if I increase above recommended bid (which is about $0,33 at the moment).

I get plenty of orders without ads, but will see how it goes.

Currently using Fiverr’s $10 gift.


Can you please let me know where to see this webinar TIA

If you edit a gig, I would pause the promotion before editing anything. maybe it just me, but I noticed that editing a promoted gig appears to stop everything as in impressions and clicks (i was tracking the impressions and clicks at one point), and they just stopped for days & I had to do something to kickstart it again, and this happened several times

@krheate is a good idea because once the stats start coming in, you start to get an idea of how your gig is really performing. This is my opinion, and I know people will disagree, but you may be getting sales on it, but they may not be as good as they can be (organic, not paid), and by using the promoted gigs in conjunction with making changes to the gig, you will see what works for both organic and paid promotions. In my opinion, the paid promotion results are a good indication of how well the gig is really performing because Fiverr is only pushing the promoted gigs to a targeted audience. If you are not getting conversions there, something is up & It’s time to start looking at what your competitors are doing differently, but you need patience and avoid editing the gig too frequently as the gig keeps getting removed from search each time you edit it, until it updates are approved.


Still didn’t get that feature :frowning: so sad :frowning:


It seems like all past events are no longer accessible.

I looked through my inbox and there is no way to watch it again.

That’s interesting, thank you for sharing.

So pause, edit and then re-activate promotion, all done in the span of one day?

There’s a promoted gig webinar vid shown at the bottom of this page:

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That’s what I found; otherwise, the stats stopped. I mentioned it to support, but I think there was confusion about what the problem was, and I dropped it


I wish we could choose specific keyword searches to promote to, and buyers from specific regions.

Voice Over is a niche where you can’t simply promote to the entirety of the “voice over” search traffic and expect good results (which is how I feel Promoted Gigs works at the moment, it just doesn’t feel very targeted). My Male VO gig performs best with people looking for a British Male Voice Over. The vast majority of those buyers are based here in the UK.

But in the past, when I’ve tried promoting my VO gig, almost all messages that come through are related to a US accent. And the cost per click is so high, it just wasn’t sustainable. I think if Fiverr could tweak this, Promoted Gigs would be a killer feature.

That said, we’ve had some pretty good results with our Screen Capture Videos gig (lifetime numbers)

I need to work on improving our conversion rate, but I can see potential with this for sure.


Hi everyone,
My name is Amir, and I’m the Product Manager for Promoted Gigs.

I’m super happy to see your screenshots, and reading that you enjoy from a high ROI. This was and will always be our main goal when building the product.

I’d like to comment on few of the things you’ve mentioned:

  1. Promoted Gigs is built on top of the search engine, which means that if you are on vacation / OOO / overbooked or any other status that pause your Gig from returning on search - it will automatically be paused on Promoted Gigs. So no need to “turn off” the promotion. (note that the info on the dashboard is updated every hour)

  2. Promoted Gigs is built on top of the search engine, which means that if your Gig was identified as “low quality” or violated any TOS, that cause him to be blocked by the search engine - the promotion will stop. Only once it will pass the search engine requirements, he could join again the promotion program.

  3. We work hard to always improve our algorithms to target the right audience on the right search terms, based on past performance, Gig titles & descriptions, and other metrics.

  4. Our algorithm’s goal is to optimize your return, by choosing the right bid for each search term your Gig competes (based on the level of competition, past performance within that search term, and other metrics), up to the “bid cap” you’ve set. Setting a high “bid cap” will allow our algorithm to be more competitive when it comes to competing on the “high chances queries with high competition”.

  5. When a Gig is being promoted, it doesn’t affect your organic Gig (nor its ranking). So you could double your chances to win the buyer’s attention.

  6. We’ve recently updated the help center, and added some content on campaign’s optimization:

Hope that helps!
Good luck to you all
Love :green_heart:


I was offered the option to do promoted gigs in October with the $10 credit. In the middle of November to the beginning of 2021, I opted not to use it - too much going on personally to do anything. In the last month and half, I saw my most popular gig getting the most exposure. I say, for myself, promoted gigs have helped out tremendously. In fact, eight of the 12 orders I have in my queue are for promoted gigs. I’ve been busy, even though the personal stuff went into overdrive.

Husband had an emergency surgery at the start of the month, and then a set back on Valentine’s Day. To say I’ve been under stress is an understatement, but I hold my own each and every day.

The promoted feature has net me even more long-term clients, and so long as it works out… So be it!


Signed up! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Registered for this webinar. Hope we’ll get some effective tips over there.

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Hey @amirbeno

Thank you so much for joining the discussion and for all your valuable feedback.

I think the feature works as intended, In my case I feel like there’s a somewhat steady stream of enquiries from people who click on my promoted gig.

Are there any plans to enhance the current dashboard or hand off some of the targeting to us?

Personally I am not complaining, as I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to do much on my end.

But maybe some more analytics would provide us with valuable insights on trends or what people are looking for when they find us.


Do the promoted Gigs have text on them that says “sponsored” or “ad” or “promoted”? Kind of like Ebay or Etsy does - so you know that the person is paying for their Gigs to be seen?

I was pretty surprised that my category got the opportunity to use promoted Gigs.


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Hi @frank_d ,
Overall, we are trying to make this product super simple and easy to use, to serve both marketing experts and those without any marketing background - equally.

Having said that, we are working on multiple features to enhance the dashboard, to have better visibility on trends, top performed search terms, insights on bids and daily spend usage.

At the same time, we are working to expand our ads to reach more spots, for more buyers, on more platforms, so your Gigs will get more exposure to the right audience.

And to @genuineguidance -
Of course. Promoted Gigs are marked as “ads” to the buyers (as required by law).


I have used this feature for more than a month with zero positive results. Within this time period, only one buyer contacted me. My gig was placed on 6 or 7 pages with promoted feature while normally my this gig position was 1st or 2nd page. Now I’m not promoting my gig. Lt’s see what happens.

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