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Sponsored gigs: progress report!

I also have some stats here and I probably will say that I’m overall satisfied with promotion feature.
It didn’t make a big difference in terms of monthly income but ROI is definitely quite high.

These are stats for the last 3 months, which brought me 4 orders with a spend of 6$ only over 90 days

I will have to look deeper into the analytics and check if my impressions indeed decreased after I edited my gig.

What I did notice that on my promoted gig I started getting at least 2-3 messages every week from new sellers asking me to give them orders or just “hi how are you” messages.
So half of my promoted impressions definitely went for those sellers who saw “ad” on my gig and decided to click on it on purpose.


I understand @amirbeno and I agree 100%.

I do appreciate the simplicity of the tool and the fact that I don’t have to go through multiple settings and options.

Looking forward to any updates you are working on for us!

Thank you and your team for all your hard work.

Glad that you created this post @frank_d . Registered as well. I recently got the feature, and I am using the Fiverr 10$ Gift. I had few questions for you, and would be really glad if you could answer them out.
Q1) When should I expect some results? How will I know that I need to make changes to my gig? Keep in mind please that my gig is currently on top naturally (fiverr algorithm).
Q2) How can I set the perfect bid? The recommended bid amount shows 0.22$ but is there a way where we can judge or find out somehow the more helping bid amount?
Q3) Is it true that if the higher the bid amount, the higher the changes to get potential buyers?
Q4) Like you stated, you made changes to your gig then you got exposure due to feature. My gig is on top already, if i make a change, i fear that I might lose my current ranking as well? What should I do?
Q5) I increased my bid a little to check out the results. Didnt got much impressions or click despite using the feature.

Thanks alot. Looking forward to hearing from you
Edit: @amirbeno please tell me about this as well.

The actual team leader for this very feature is responding to this thread, so I think it’s best if you direct any questions towards them, instead of me.

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I have edited my previous post. Also would love to know about your experience and knowledge regarding my questions. Also please do tell from where will we get the joining link of your seminar? Thanks

The link to my webinar is on the original post. Just scroll up to my original post and you will find it.

I have registered already. Asking about joining the meeting link?

You will receive an email when the webinar will start so you can join the live stream.

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I am fairly certain that this feature has safe locks that prevent this from happening.

AFAIK these ads are served to qualified profiles with buying history or clear purchase intent.

Did you receive messages from fellow sellers with a clear “sponsored” label on them?

If so, please let @amirbeno know as that would mean there’s a loophole?


Hi @pvitalsolutions ,

  1. Promoted Gigs is not a magic. Your exposure is function of multiple things including the level of demand, the level of competition, the quality and relevance score to the search term and your bid.
    In addition to all that, after all, it’s your regular Gig. Meaning, you should be able to track “how many impressions lead to a click” and “how many clicks lead to a conversion”. Visit the help center for more info and tips how to improve that.

  2. Thing about “what’s the highest amount you are willing to spend for a click” as this should be your “bid”. Our algorithm will work to optimize the bid selection for you up to the maximum bid you’ve set.

  3. This is correct. The higher your bid is, the higher your chances to win a desired spot in a desired query. Having said that, your bid is only one of the criteria that affect the auction.

  4. Valid concern. Optimizing your “ad” might affect your Gig, as they are the same. It might for the good or not. I can’t really recommend what to do here.

  5. For best results, I recommend leave the program ON for at least 30 days.


If you bid 35 cents… do you pay 35 cents per order… or, is it literally 35 cents per click even if the click results in no orders? For example, if 100 people click and only one person orders, will I be charged $35 or 35 cents?

No, not necessarily. 35 cents is your maximum bid. If someone clicks on your promoted Gig, you’ll be charged between $0,02 to $0,35. You are only charged per clicks.

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Hmm, I probably missed that part :thinking:
Now I need to double check it or keep an eye on future messages


In all likelihood the messages from other sellers won’t have the bright green “sponsored” label on them.

Feel free to double check of course!




Thanks for sharing insights about sponsored gigs.

I have 1 different query to ask.

I am nominated as TRS 5 months ago. I am still nominated and have no warnings , bad reviews or cancellation.

I have gigs which are very original and i have alot big orders completed of over $5K+ as well.

So, WHAT i wanna ask you is, if you can share by your experience, am i doing anything wrong, that’s why fiverr is not promoting me til now? I have $200+ average selling price and other factors accomplished as well.

So, by your experience what other factors should i focus on? As i seen many guys got TRS even on their 1st evaluation.

Should i make any changes or keep doing best work like usual and moving on?

Thanks for reading til now,

This is off-topic.

But let me say that I have no way of knowing what helps you get selected.

Price is only one of the variables.

This is something you can’t control so my advice is to keep doing what you are doing well, seek to find where you can improve.

Badge or no badge, that should be your process regardless.

If you end up getting it, great.

If not, you are already doing well so, yay.