Spontaneously Combust


So much is going on with Fiverr, just the name alone makes me want to combust spontaneously. I’ve been reading a ton of people saying how it took them a whole year until they got their first sale and so I’m going to put on my big girl diaper and wait it out; if I haven’t combusted by then.


Some people get their first order within a few days. :slight_smile:


I had my Fiverr account made by my husband last year in attempt to keep me occupied. I got my first order within a few days. But being a seller on Fiverr is not about waiting, there´s tons of homework to do, such as promoting you gig on your social media accounts, improving your gig descripton, and a lot more (but who am I to give you an advice). Don´t take me as a good example, coz I was not willing to invest my time and energy to promote myself or do anything to improve my gigs, heck I never even bothered to check the buyer requests. I didn´t get any order again. It was never a big deal though coz I´m retired already.


I just don’t know though because my gig is not very ‘buyer worthy’ I don’t know, compared to other gigs I feel like people aren’t willing to buy mine haha


I think horror stories are very interesting to those who like it. So, my guess is, there will always be the market for that. You just started on this platform, don´t feel discouraged yet (ever)! :slight_smile:


˝If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.˝ - Henry Ford


I got my first order after like, an hour


An hour? What a lucky bugger you are :slight_smile:


I’ll get my first order, maybe in about 5 - 6 years


and I did post it pretty late


Is this what you mean?

The remains of Dr. John Irving Bentley



Do you mean that you joined Fiverr and created your first gig late and that you should have joined sooner? I have seen many new sellers get their success. So, I think you are not late, you still have the chance. You just need to be more patient. :slight_smile:

I created a Youtube channel some months ago about my dogs and their daily lives. Among millions of Youtubers and lots of old Youtubers got demonetized (edited) for a number of reasons - so I heard, I think my Youtube channel is doing okay and keeps growing. Of course it´s not big yet like Gone To the Snow Dogs channel for instance. But I was not late despite the millions other Youtubers that have started much earlier than me. I´m not saying you must be a Youtuber though. I make videos and put it up on Youtube just coz it´s easier to do from my end. I have dogs and dog people love to watch dog videos. I just mean that it´s not too late for you to be a seller on Fiverr as I´ve seen new sellers got their success.


Welcome to Fiverr. That combustion thing looks gruesome! Anyhow, I had a look at your profile and I think it might help if you could make it more positive. Check other seller’s profiles to get some ideas but do not copy them. Good luck!


Not that gruesome I hope