For any one who likes Music…

Trust me it’s good! Connect with Facebook the works!

I am nodding my head away whilst I work on Fiverr.

What’s your take?


I don’t use anything else anymore. I can make playlists of my (offline) music stored on my hard drive/usb OR playlists of music online on Spotify OR playlists of music that are a mix of files on my hard drive and online. And you can search for music & other playlists.

I can’t speak for the mobile app component, but it’s the best desktop app to chill to some music while working on gigs!


I LOVE SPOTIFY I’m obsessed with it. It’s about a million times better than Pandora. :T

I only wish it was a little bit easier to find & upload your own music. I like a lot of Japanese music, and I have to upload it all myself.


Love it, I’m a pro subscriber !


Here are some of my playlists:

Punky Fish:

Happy Go Lucky:

Alternative Rock:

Quality American Rap:


Hey, Marko, I have an album on Spotify. Rock:

Nod your head to MY music!



Reply to @arnevb: Ozzy, I am on Spotify: Listen to my music


Reply to @bellerieve: When you say upload your own music, do you mean music you wrote or just mp3s that you have on your computer?


Reply to @hotwebideas: I like the start!! Yeah yeah!!


I like spotify and like how they are simple and easy to use. But I’m more of a Pandora and I heart radio guy. I dunno I just like the interface of those two.