Spotlighting a Fiverr Seller


Hey folks I have decided that I am going to support my fellow sellers on Fiverr by spotlighting one each week. What this means is a Fiverr seller gets promotion and also a puchased gig from another seller. This week the spotlight is on ewiskan: You can find my posts on my blog and also my FB page https://www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/#!/tn5rr2012


Just subscribed, looking forward to seeing all of your featured folks.


Reply to @lparziale: thank you


That’s great news @tn5rr2012 :slight_smile:


I have my Fiverr Spotlight Seller blog updated and this week I am reviewing @lparziale s banner gig which she did an awesome job on. Here is the link to the blog with the banner in use. Also, I am doing a spotlight every week and I am looking for my next gig to spotlight. So check my gig out and post why you think I should use your service and spotlight your gig. I will make my choice by Monday night and post a spotlight next weekend.


Nice idea. I’ll be sure to check weekly for your reviews :slight_smile:


Awesome, and a great way to help other sellers out!


Wow thats amazing. Its always so lovely to help each other out.

Your spotlight seller choice for the week @lparziale is absolutely great. Shes very helpful around the forums/ fiverr and a lovely person , really!

Good luck !