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Spotting a fraud

I’ve never bought anything on Fivvr. I’ve been In contact with a seller. I was trying to do my due diligence and I looked up some of the people who wrote some of the reviews and the several I looked up, didn’t exist on the site any longer and I picked ones that were the most recent. Second, I did a reverse image look up on his photo and I think he really looks like this stock image guy but I’m not exactly positive but it really looks like it. How do I know the buyer is real? How do I know the reviews are real?


Do you mean a seller? Sellers offer their services in the form of gigs and buyers purchase from them.

There are definitely fraudulent accounts from both buyers and sellers on Fiverr. Sniffing out a fraud normally isn’t that hard if you know the telltale signs that might give them away.

Here’s one giveaway. A seller with a stock image/false image are definite warning signs. If a seller has a false or unoriginal image, that very likely translates into offering false and unoriginal work.


If you are talking as a buyer, it depends on a service you need.

Design category is filled with random people with no actual knowledge in design.

But that is “easy” to fake.

My advice would be to order sample for 5$. You will lose the money but not a lot or you will find a good seller.

Unfortunately there is no win-win 100% method here.

In addition to the above:


Also, make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works before buying anything.

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Yes, I meant a seller. I got a reply back from customer support and they said the reviews are legit because they can’t leave a review unless they have had an order and the reason I can’t see them is because I’m not a seller.

Why was CS involved here? Did you order something and end result was not as per his portfolio samples?

You can see reviews as buyers from any seller on the bottom of his profile or under each GIG.

This is on the bottom of profile:

And this is on the bottom of each GIG:

They are visible to anyone, even a person without an account on Fiverr can see that.

Regarding validity of the reviews, people can buy reviews as well (against the rules, but you can’t drop a pin and not hit the area with the mafia, scammers, or frauds).

What were you buying and how did you look (did you start Buyers request or just pure search)?

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Ehh, not all reviews posted are necessarily “legit” as there is the prohibited practice of buying artificial reviews which is clandestinely utilized by people who don’t care about the rules and want to game the system.

I meant, I could see their review but I then tried to look up the people and couldn’t find them. Customer support said it was because

“ in case you are unable to find those users on our platform, its just because they are Buyers, not Sellers.
You wont be able to search for Buyers.”

What service do you want to buy on Fiverr?

That might be helpful to those trying to help you here.

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There is a workaround for that and that is to type the name of the buyer and word Fiverr in google search.

But that is too much work. I do not know what is your day job and how much business interaction you make in a day, but just conversations in the first five minutes should be some indicator of how the seller is “breathing”.

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Or just paste their username after


Great! That helped a lot and I did find some of the buyers. It was to write a book. He does reply with very good English and grammar. I will follow your tips. He hadn’t given me a reason to distrust him, I worked in the IT business and so I try to do my research before I trust people online.