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Spotting Someone Trying To Scam You

Alright, I’m pretty new to Fiverr (freelancing in general), and I’m concerned about a few things. Specifically, what does it look like when someone is trying to scam you?

I know the basics: don’t click on suspicious link, don’t give out personal information, if you receive a threatening message from the “Officials” it’s probably fake, etc. However, I also know that if a professional wants to scam you, they’re probably going to get away with it.

I just received an order that is leaving me…questionable. The buyer is asking me to do some work that I feel has absolutely no significance at all. He left me a link to follow to do the work. I ran the link through my security scanner, and it cautioned me that there was a phishing threat on the site. Here is the message:

"Hello Maddisont!

The url to visit is [not included]

Your user ID would be [also not included in-case this is legit]

The left side of the page will be a scene, the right side has a search bar. Basically the task is to draw a box around a product or object (click and drag), then use the search bar to find a matching image.

The search bar is a little slow, but it is just the first few results from Google image search, so it should be decent. The interface will keep a running tally of how many example you’ve tagged. We’ve estimated that it should be possible to tag a scene every 20-30 seconds or so. Feel free to skip images that are too bland, but try to tag 2-3 pieces per image if you can

Let me know if you have any questions."

Am I just paranoid? Or is this something I should pass on?

Does anyone else have tips on what to do to spot scammers before they get you?

Well i did have something similar in past.

But only when you get burned, you figure out why.

I ask my buyers to deliver me all files that need to be “edited” or whatever. That’s the safest way. You dont want to go on all that sites, first of all that’s not your job, you dont get paid for that.

Personally, I would pass. It’s not related to your gigs as far as I can tell, so the fact that the order was placed at all, makes me suspicious.

Trust your instincts. If it smells like trouble, it probably is. :slight_smile:

I would be very suspicious of that–good call on your part.

Thank you for the input guys, I really appreciate it. Better safe than sorry, as they always say. I’m not willing to take risks when it comes to my business, and I’m glad that there are some professional and seasoned Fiverrs to give me advice . [=

I have something like this before. I make illustrations and someone sent me a link to their website for reference picture of other artist they had worked with. I went to the main page but couldn’t see the specific drawing they refered to so I asked and the answer was something like: "go to menu section you’ll find an alphabet list there, click on A you’ll go to the A section, click on … you’ll…"

I mean just click and click…I did follow, and there were really the pictures they wanted me to see. But why not attached them? Or at least give the direct link rather than an intrustion? Even if they were on a phone, go to their own website and copy the direct link would be much faster than typing all that down.

From the message you received above, I find it would be more suitable for a web design job, coding, or something in the line, than a writing job. Maybe they accidentally ordered the wrong person?

Anyway, I followed the “clicking” above just because it’s related to my gigs, but if I received an order like yours I’ll just decline. Even if they ordered from the right person, this’s a type of job needed to be disussed before hand.

Well, I put through a mutual cancellation… and, of course, the buyer declined.

Magically the URL that he wanted me to visit changed, so I’m not suspicious of this Gig at all… 8-| heavy sarcasm

I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume the message I sent with my previous mutual cancellation request did not go through (as I hear that happens), so I’ve sent another one.

Now I’m curious. How do you guys deal with buyers who just refuse to accept cancellations?

Reply to @maddisont: I’ve had one buyer that wouldn’t accept it. She wasn’t exactly scamming, but she had already received the free revision that came with that $5 gig and then she sent a lot more work that wasn’t even a revision. She insisted that I do it for no extra pay so I tried to cancel and she declined a few times.

I’ve heard that it’s best to contact support pretty early in those cases since eventually the gig will run late and then they can gouge you with a 1 star review and get their money back.

I did contact support and they said they would force a cancel if necessary but that it would raise my cancellation rate. When I pointed out what the buyer was doing CS agreed to read all the messages and then decide, but before they finished the buyer finally gave in and didn’t leave a review (thankfully.)

I would think in your case when Fiverr sees the email you got and you tell them about the phishing warning you might have an easier forced cancel where they don’t let it count against you. It does sound really suspicious.