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Spread your Gigs on Twitter

Hi Everyone.

With millions of people around the world turning to social media for both personal and business needs, it has endless potential. Why not take your Gigs social?

We will share with you some practical tips when it comes to publicizing your Fiverr business, starting with Twitter.

Are you on Twitter? If not, it is a great place to start.

Twitter is a social messaging tool that helps you stay connected through a short message (tweet) of 140 characters or less.

Short sweet and to the point.

  1. Write a great bio

    When someone visits your profile, this is the first thing they see. Tell them what your Fiverr business is all about, and add a link to your Fiverr profile. Some personal tidbits and a friendly profile photo will also go a long way.

  2. Make connections.

    You can build connections by mentioning, following and retweeting your followers or people you follow’s tweets. You can answers their general questions and like their tweets. To find relevant people to follow, search #Fiverr or any other related hashtag. (e.g #contentWriting, #videoMaking, #logoDesign). Follow users that are talking about the same topics you want to talk about.

  3. What’s in a Tweet?

    It’s not only about sending tweets with a link to your Gig pages. Why not share other interesting Gigs you find, or articles related to the service you provide. Make your Tweets interesting and relevant.

    Fiverr has recently had issues with Fiverr URLs being marked as Spam. While we are working to fix this, you can work around it for now. Use sites like to shorten your URL and tweet the shortened version instead.

  4. To tweet or not to tweet?

    A tweet’s lifespan is around 2 hours. This means after 2 hours your followers aren’t likely to see it through their Twitter feed,

    Be sure to send Tweets out wisely so as not to spam your followers.

  5. Come and say hi

    Fiverr’s official Twitter account is @FiverrHQ. If you have any questions, need help or want to say hi - Tweet to us @FiverrHQ.

    How are you using Twitter to publicize your Fiverr business?

Very good point - you can quickly turn of Twitter followers - no matter the medium - no one likes SPAM. Here are a couple things I have found to be very effective:

  1. A good practice I use, both on Twitter and other media, is to make sure I am clear about what I am offering in way of content. Offer value.

  2. No bait and switch. In other words, don’t Tweet “Free Layout Design” when in fact it is not free. Instead, use something like “Almost FREE - Only $5 bucks for a super cool layout design for your business marketing piece.”

  3. Make sure you link back to your specific Gig - not your main account. For newbies to Fiverr, it is better that they go straight to the offer.

  4. As oldbittygrandma said - don’t just Tweet ads and “spend money with me” stuff, offer value, free tips and tricks or something else that makes folks WANT to read your Tweets. Then when you have an offer, they are more likely to be responsive.

  5. Lastly, did I say DON’T SPAM! If you use a program that sends out auto-Tweet offers for your gig every day (or in some cases multiple times a day - ugh) folks will not only tune out, they will un-follow you!

    Happy Tweeting!

An Area we have yet to touch with Fiverr! I must say Twitter is great but a lot of work to be really effective!


As a new twitter user, I find it incredibly difficult to keep up with it, integrate and update it. Specially since I’m basically in the other part of the world compared to my “target” and those whom I usually follow and appreciate.

But hearing you guys(all the above) its worth the time and work, I’ll keep trying.

Thank you for the tips!