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Spreading orders across all sellers

Personally I think fiverr should consider spreading orders across all the sellers on a weekly schedule irrespective of their ranks to encourage and stabilize all sellers on board. Some people are actually complaining about more orders while some might not even smell an order for weeks. This scenario needs to be addressed. check here

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That won’t work well as buyers have their preference for the type of sellers they wish to work with. Forcing them to go with a new seller won’t end well either. Our gigs are displayed to the buyers and ultimately they decide who to buy from.

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I still remember times when USSR and socialism failed.

It’s really nice that you don’t want to do anything and just want the platform spread orders among all sellers so you could also earn without investing anything.

Unfortunately that’s not how this world works. At least for now.
Buyers are free to choose people they want to work with and who’s style they like but not with someone whom they were assigned to and might not even understand their requirements.

Pfff… I still wonder where this ideas are coming from.


Actually, Fiverr already have automatic system for this kind of problem.
Seller can set a limit order at each gigs. If the gig order is full, then our gigs won’t show up at search engine.
This way, seller won’t get overload, and buyer can find other seller,

Still, there are seller who accept as much order as they can. I saw one seller who has 100 order queue. This is just fantastic.