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"SSS": Short Sad Story

I received an order while I was working on something else.
Less than one hour later, the order was cancelled by the Resolution Center.
Now MY completion rate is 99%.

The end.

(Ticket opened: let’s see what the CS says…)


Don’t bother about this.

You should be worried if you completion rate dropped to 89%.

99% is still great and still above the usual.

I’m really happy with 96% I have

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It’s a principle…
If I complete every single order I am 100%. I don’t want to be “victim” of an algorythm.


I fell your pain, but know this has nothing to do with the algorithm. At least not much to do.

I had better placements with lower standards I have now. I already was (99%, 98%, 92% and 5.0) and I was on top of first pages. Now I’m (100%, 100%, 96% and 5.0) and I’m going to the last page.

Short Sad Story, I see gigs with 4.7 rating in front of mine.

So really, don’t bother about this, I don’t believe you will be an algorithm victim


I write this to help improving the system.
I know that a stupid 1% will not affect that much, but why not telling that? It’s like you get a fine for having crossed with red light, while you haven’t.


I don’t see what the problem is. A 99% cancellation rate isn’t going to hurt you, nor is it a big deal. The only cancellation rate that will impact you negatively is 89% or lower. You are nowhere near that with a 99% rating.


Maybe the problem is little, but the principle is big. Even though, I assure you that it affects. When your performance lowers in any way you immediately feel it, I experienced that.
Anyway, I am suffering a “fine” for something I haven’t done. This has to change.


First of all I am very sorry to hear this from you. But let’s look at it from a different side. I am very interested in the reason a buyer can do that. He must have a great reason so he can cancel the purchase without you getting a chance to do something. If we could know what the reason the buyer was so he could do it to you, probably this could be something great to hear today.

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This would be an inaccurate analogy. A “fine” means that you are legally required to pay something because of an infraction you participated in. You are neither paying anything, nor have you done anything illegal. Therefore, you can’t call it a “fine”.

And, with all due respect, you aren’t suffering anything until it challenges your ability to continue maintaining the status quo on this site. Yes, it is unfortunate that sellers take a hit to their cancellation rating when things like this happen, however, at a 1% loss to your 100% cancellation rating, you are not suffering anything negative or adverse. When you’re pushing the 90% mark, then you’ll have my sympathy.

A 99% cancellation rate, no matter how you feel about it, is not hurting you in any way.

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First of all, I’m sorry this happened to you. It sure does…well, s#ck.
(I can’t come up with a more elegant word because su#k is the best way to describe it!!)

And as Jonbass said, 99% is not bad at all.
If it goes lower than 93, then we should start worrying…

Having that said, my completion rate is currently 97% due to this id*ot who failed to read my description, and I had to cancel it.
My perfect 100% was gone. True, it has NO impact on my sales, but it’s just the fact
that my perfect 100 has been taken away just because this one person did not read my description carefully ( he also complained about my price!).

it’s one of those things where you know it’s not a big deal, but it still makes you…cringe.
get yourself a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, you’ll feel better in the morning :slight_smile:


First of all, I’m sorry this happened to you
Being an order cancellation is a tragedy, but always trying to keep 90 Always

It’s not a big deal, you’ll get more orders and hopefully you’ll be back to 100%. Either way, you need at least 90% order completion rate, so you’re far above the minimum.

Best of all, you didn’t waste your time working on that order, didn’t waste time talking to the buyer, so is it really a loss?

Just edit your gig, see if there’s anything unclear, also work on the automatic message that buyers get when they order if you have to.

Example: “Hi, please upload a word document or pdf with the text you need translated. Or copy and paste the web link.”

i like to keep it short, people’s reading comprehension and patience varies.

don’t worry about it , I’m very happy with my 95%

I’m not worried about a 99%… I am speaking about a concept that’s not right, IMHO.

Let’s imagine:
I want to beat a competitor. I ask 10 friends to place him an order and cancel it after 10 minutes for “personal reasons”, maybe when he’s sleeping. They get refunded. He gets an 85% completion rate without having even seen the orders.
Close to the absurd, but technically possible. And no, not right.


Hi @alexmartinelli
Don’t give up hope… :persevere:

Alex I am completely with you on this. You just pointed out the system is broken, which it clearly is.

I think the only cancellation that should count would be actual refunds that seller give to avoid bad ratings - because in such case it’s their call… They know that they can choose: a bad review or cancellation rate up. And even then it could be unfair (I had clients who were not happy that I didn’t give them free extras for example and threatened a bad review if I don’t give them). But counting cancellations because of buyer’s mistakes, buyers not reading descriptions, buyers wanting free service, or any cancellations before the seller sends the work is just ridiculous and makes me feel very unsafe on here…Unsafe, because Fiverr used to be my only income since 2015 and now I have to actually work outside of it and on no fault of my own. I do my best on every video, I give extra bonuses, each client of mine receives more than what is in my gig video and descritpion and yet I get punished (I was demoted from ‘Top seller’ every month down one level until I had ‘no level’ left, and climbing up for the past 6 months and got demoted to level one once again for clients mistake (this time it was because the client made a review mistake and wrote Fiverr team about it to change it)… It’s unsafe for me, because when I get demoted I get 5-10 sales per month and I used to get 50 on my good years… Less 10 sales per month, no visibility, one unfair cancellation already puts my order completion below 90 percent… Also, most of my clients order Premium, if I had $5 dollars gigs that I sell hundreds of - I would not be as affected by cancellations. Which is another reason why this system is worse for some than others… Another thing is that I am a Spokesperson here, and occasionally I should be allowed to refuse to associate my face with a fishy business… Something I can not do anymore…

It’s the Principle guys! We have to stand together to fix it. Yes Alex has 99 percent, but there are sellers who will be stuck at low visibility and low level because they don’t have enough orders for them to not get affected by one or two cancellations per month… But there are those for whom one cancellation means they have to wait yet another month (till the next evaluation) struggling to pay rent and working for 5 euros an hour in the real world… So that one cancellation better be truly my fault!!! :wink:


One more thing to add to this…
I don’t know how it is with other categories, but I have very clear ‘I don’t film for:’ rules in my description, and my last 10 orders, 4 of those where my ‘no no’s’… Say I sell apples, and my apples are really delicious, clients order oranges, for which I can’t guarantee the same taste as my apples have, why should I be obliged to sell the oranges??? (For example, one client this month asked for a lip sync and dance to his song… I am a video presenter here, reading scripts for companies to the camera, not a dancer…)

Yeah, now I let it all go I can go back to my zen mode hehhehe

Fiverr, I hope you read this ranting pot, give some justice and protection for us sellers!!! We are here to help you also. It’s a symbiotic relationship… Or it should be… I don’t want to sell oranges…


You completely understood the sense of my post. Thank you :slight_smile:

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“the order was cancelled by the Resolution Center.”

You mean the buyer wanted to cancel and you accepted, or it was cancelled by support?

It was cancelled by support without me having even seen it (I was working on other stuff).