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Sssizzling Ssstylish... Sss-Word!


I’m still pretty new to the site and so far… I’m finding it pretty interesting.
By the way, this is gonna be less of an ad and more of a “Yo! We Live!”… lol.
So, the gig!

I Will Illustrate A Ssstylized Cartoon Portrait Of You

I decided to set up shop on Fiverr, offering to create illustrations that allowed me to do stylized work. I really enjoy making things look cool and stylish… ESPECIALLY people! I feel that it’s the most interesting way to capture a person’s energy, and it definitely allows people to see themselves in a much more positive light. I love it when people feel good about themselves and I feel even better when I contribute to that with my art. I mean, wouldn’t you feel good about helping people smile too?

With this gig I hope to capture people’s energy and sell it in the underworld for the highest bid, ya know? This way I can use the currency to invest in more efficient energy capturing tools. So If you guys are interested, feel free to check out my gig! You’d be helping me secure underworld funds for even greater… goals. Sounds fun, right? :japanese_ogre: