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"St. Level’s Day” is coming at 15th June

"St. Level’s Day” is coming 15th June.

Most amazing part - I will do get nominate 6th time for TRS on 15th June. I’m maintaining my Level and hold that at same But Every time i do get Copy/paste notification message - “We have decided that you are currently staying at Level Two” I got bored to this message :sunny:

What’s your story about this?


Have you done anything different compared to previous months?

Yes, I have done as they suggested in E-mail :slight_smile:

Then you’ll have to wait and see if you took the right actions :slight_smile:

yeah… Hope is live since last 6 month :blush:

I’m in the running for level 1 :slight_smile: all my stats are up, this should be a shining moment :smiley: :crossed_fingers:


Can’t a lot of things change in 4 days? So a bit premature to talk about it? Or have the stats already locked down for the month?



I’m excited about this one, all stats are green for level 1 this evaluation :wink:

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Me too! I think this is just an automatic response to motivate sellers and keep them in a dream.

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