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St. Level's Day and Data Geekery!


Hallo everyone!

So with the upcoming St. Level’s Day, as I believe it has been named, I thought it would be interesting to see what the impact of the automated level changes will have on seller levels and gig numbers.

You all know my deep love of statistics and pivot tables (many would argue it is my defining trait) so I thought I’d do a little bit of analysis.

I have just gone through two subcategories in each of the main marketplace categories on Fiverr and noted how many gigs are in each seller category - New, Level 1, Level 2, and TRS. You can see these in the table below.

Then, on Monday or Tuesday next week I will do the analysis again, and show how things have changed. It will hopefully give us a little insight.

Anyway, here you go - comments welcome…

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I share your love for tables, statistics, charts and all, so I’m really eager to see the differences :grin:

Thanks for putting the time and effort to compile this, you rock! I would’ve done this myself in the past, but I think I’m getting old, grumpy and “meh” :sweat_smile:


Everything is better with percentages.


Except, ironically, percentages. Because 10% of 10% is 1%. Which is worse. Otherwise, your point stands. :wink:


But 110% of 10% is 11% which is better!


Love it! :slight_smile:
However, probably the bigger question will be how this translates to revenue. I mean that’s the goal, right? Even if we see that number of L2 goes down, we don’t know for sure if this will mean fewer orders. I would assume so, but who knows.

I wonder if it would be possible to extract starting price and see how that will change :thinking:


Wow, I think that’s the first “Math Burn” I have ever received. Good job, sir!


Can you :pushpin: pin this please, cause you know bookmarking n stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work, Paul!


Possibly if you have access to the underlying dataset, or advanced screen-scraping software, neither of which are in my purview…


Might be worth pinning when I update it, which will likely be Tuesday of next week…


It was inspired by the genius of Spongebob


Or maybe I need to hire someone from Fiverr to do data mining :thinking:
9K on level 2 for Wordpress, that’s going to be expensive :disappointed:


Wow! That puts it into a completely different perspective. I didn’t know newbies made up over half the sellers on 5r.

Logically, that tells me many fold shop within few months or weeks of creating gigs. Hum, I wonder if just 1 gig sold makes difference in ranking and more sales?


Seems consistent with the 10-12 daily threads by sellers asking why they are not getting any sales 1 month in.


Thanks Paul!
I love Excel and Pivot Table too :wink:
Waiting for the results next week.


Thanks @paulmaplesden! I also share a love of all things pivot tables. Is it sad that I just marked “read Paul’s post” down on my schedule for next week? LOL


That’s another item ticked off my bucket list…


Thanks for the data! Will be interesting to compare the numbers in a few days :slight_smile: Hopefully not too big changes! Except for better.


Wow! Look at the new sellers in Logo design! :open_mouth:


It’s no surprise most of those complaining about lack of sells are logo designers!