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St Levels Day - What to Expect

Hi Fiverr’ss
Wondering why no one is talking about this monumental day tomorrow.
Anyone think there will be some back peddling?
Or more stressful instituted rules?

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of either
“Yeah, I got promoted”
“Darn, I got demoted”

That’s about it I think…???


Lol- plus 16 more characters

The suspense is real! Which timezone are we following?

The wait is real :grin:

All the best everyone


Or… “I survived another month”


I kind of think the numbers affecting is getting a bit lower. Last year a lot of sellers didn’t read the forum or other tips and didn’t even know it was coming, so we saw mass demotions. Some high level sellers thought they would get a last-minute pardon. Some level 2 sellers though they would get TRS automatically and found out only a fraction of nominees make the cut. Now I think a lot more people know what line they have to toe to stay at their levels. The ones demoted know what to do to come back. As it becomes more “same old” (other than the stupid buyer-fault cancellation issue) it seems to be not as big a thing. :slight_smile:


Oh St. Stress day is upon us again! Didn’t even notice. Stopped caring about it. It’s the most frustrating “feature” ever. :roll_eyes:

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You’re either very new or have just woken from a year long coma. St. Levels, the destroyer of seller worlds will not be going away anytime soon. I just pray that this month I finally get my TRS badge!

Not really. I’ll never get one and don’t want one. Holding on to level 2 is hard enough.

As for why no one is talking about it, this is basically due to mass adoption of an avoidance coping mechanism. If only it weren’t for those blooming notifications! :rage:


Well whatever happens I am stunned Fiverr don’t consider that no business or self employed person ever takes on every project. Having a gun pointed at you and saying do this work, don’t cancel or we demote you for me hurts the Fiverr brand. The quality of orders coming through is shocking, so naturally you are going to turn then down if they are asking for something outside of the scope of the gig.

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Yay I’m now a Level 2 seller. “Kazoo blows”

I stuck a label on my bathroom door that says "Executive Bathroom ". So now I feel like the Level 2 badge got me something tangible.

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Well I guess everyone is getting used to the system. You already know before it comes whether you will be promoted, demoted or maintaining the same levels. So why be bothered?

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It doesn’t matter for me. I am 2 level seller again. And maybe will get to top level seller after 3 years.

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