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St. Patricks Day Gigs


Anyone doing any fun Gigs for St. Patty’s day? I just created one for coming up with 5 specialty cocktails.

Just curious. Don’t worry I’m not going to steal your idea. :slight_smile:


@ natashaemoore Your Welcome and if your travels ever brings you down to New Zealand look me up and bring a few samples 8-} lol


I added a St.Patrick’s day gig for my clothesline gig, but so far no orders.

I hope I get at least one order! :smiley:

It’s this one, plz check it out if you are interested:

I checked your gig, and I really liked the way you described your gig, but I got the impression

that the thumbnail image could be better. Maybe take a photo of your drinks and use that??


That’s a good idea. Thanks. :slight_smile: Good luck to you.


Ps.- your Gig seems really cute. I have no doubt you will get a sale or two. I wonder if they are going to have a special St. Patricks Day button like they did for Valentines Day. That would be nice.


> I wonder if they are going to have a special St. Patricks Day button

That would be a great idea if they did it, a special button for each special event.

What will be next after St.Patricks, maybe Easter?

I hope we both get sales, good luck to you too!! :smiley:


I came up with 10 ST Patricks Day Memes resized for for FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus also added ODP Slides and Blank Graphics so people could reuse the backgrounds.

If you guys could have a look and tell me what you think I would really love the feedback.


@natashaemoore great gigs I wish you well with them :slight_smile:

Quick Question was did you intentionally use Wishkeys in your Whiskey gig lol

Being Scottish it sticks out like a sore thumb to me hehehehheee


@Zeus777 Another Great Gig :slight_smile: I see you have sales now so very well done.


Reply to @imguardianangel: I love whiskey. I worked in a whiskey bar before I started traveling. It is something I know a lot about. Thanks for the typo error. Fixed it.


St. patricks day is all about gigs. The HOLIDAY BUZZ is, its the day of green. Green green every where. Thanks to Patrick for making whole Ireland green on this day…